Hello Lidflutters family! I'm late to update on the end of 2021 and ALL of 2022, but I'm here! Lots of travels, lots of great new connections, and lots of LOVE. As many of y’all know, I wrote and illustrated a dad joke and pun book called Good Jokes Bad Drawings (purchase here!). My dear friends at the Hill Rag wrote an article about the Hill Literary BookFest, which I was fortunate enought to be invited to! Read it here!

It was a really awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon-surrounded by super creative and DC local individuals! Everyone showed up and showed out with their stellar books. I felt so fortunate to be selected to showcase Good Jokes Bad Drawings alongside such talent. Also happened to be seated next to an author who was eyeing my illustrations and had an idea for a book-stay tuned to see what develops there!