Anyone in the DC area who has visited the Hill Center knows of its charm and warm welcoming. Also known as the Old Naval Hospital, it's a place near and dear to my heart. I began first working there almost a decade ago when I was running summer art camps. I couldn't leave in August after spending summers in this beautiful building and with such wonderful people so I stayed on to teach classes. A once a month watercolor class turning into beginning drawing and continued to grow to advanced drawing, printmaking, and a new debut this month-sip and paint! 

While I haven't been a part of the Hill Center for the full 11 years since it's renovation and repurposing, this place has definitely made it's mark on me. Come out Sunday afternoon from 2-6PM, September 25, 2022 to celebrate the Hill Center and chat with me about my books Good Jokes Bad Drawings and Christopher Fries An Egg. I will also have a mini art project!

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