OMG has this been a crazy two weeks! Since I launched my campaign a little over two weeks ago, I have been completely floored with the positive response. I originally had not set a goal as far as donations and how much would be donated. I was simply going to sell as much as I could and donate whatever was available.

However, the positive outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming in the best way and I quickly realized I needed to set a goal.

What's the goal? 


$2500 will provide DC Central Kitchen with 900 meals. 900! Can you believe it?! I'm getting close to reaching it, and hoping to meet, if not exceed that goal. 

A HUGE thank you to the many, many people who have shared, promoted, told their friend, made a purchase, donated their shipping in favor of a bike delivery, posted to social media, etc. IT HELPS! Seriously! 

Most recently, I popped up in Metro Weekly with a super kind article and lovely spread of my illustrations. You can read about that here: (pg. 168)

And if you want to read more about DCCK and what they do for our community, check them out here: