Hi fellow artists, creative thinkers, travelers, and lovers of lazy Sunday's:

Welcome to Lidflutters and my first blog post! I'm going to be taking a page in Oprah's book and start a "Soulful Sunday" blog update, but for now we will start with a rainy day-Tuesday afternoon intro to the blog. 

I was fortunate enough to travel to the Galapagos Islands and a few cities in Ecuador this summer. I am always hungry for adventure and experiencing the world, but this trip felt particularly special. I have been blessed enough to see so much of this great world, but don't think I've ever experienced something quite like this.

My camera stayed around my neck the whole time, lens cap getting comfortable in my pocket instead of covering the glass. Everywhere I looked there were sea lions, crabs, penguins, blue footed booby, lizards, and just about every other type of species you could imagine. All living peacefully and serenely, side by side. 

I came back with amazing photographs, lovely nature sketches, mini watercolor paintings, and an experience that will never be duplicated or replaced. 

One of my favorite things was swiming in the fissures on Santa Cruz Island (pictured below). The spaces in the earth formed from the earthquakes were massive and the water was deep and frigid. The experience of looking up and seeing endless rocks and blue skies, while floating in this magestic water was unreal. 

So, anyone want to go on a picnic? Alpaca lunch! (see below)