Hello Lidflutters family and Happy Soulful Sunday!

I missed my blog post last week because I was enjoying lovely company in a beautiful place: Chincoteague Island in Virginia. For those of you that follow along with my life story on Instagram, you'll know that I'm an art teacher by day (specifically public middle school-I know, I know). And for those of you that are teachers, have friends that are teachers, or have school age kids you know it's that time of the year. Don't get me wrong-I love my job and all the craziness it involves (which must say something about me!), but I do dread the first week of school. It's hard to wake up so early and drag myself out of bed before the sun is up after almost two months of lazy mornings. A large portion of my students are living in poverty and many are homeless status so the feelings on a day to day basis are real. The small moments of calm I have during the day often come from memories I've stored in my frontal lobe to be pulled out during the times of chaos. Living in DC, visiting the island was a quick few hours drive to warm sand and blue skies. As the first week passed and I move towards the second, I can still feel the sun beating down on my skin and freckles popping up on my arms from being kissed by its rays.